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Like other home phone service providers, Vonage allows you to make and receive phone calls at home. The difference is that Vonage uses the Internet to connect your phone calls to local, long distance and overseas landlines and mobiles using your high-speed Internet and your regular corded or cordless home phone.

  • Save money over regular phone service
  • Keep your existing number
  • Over 20 expanded call features
  • No PC, laptop or special headset needed
Home Phone Service Providers
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Vonage is a home phone service like no other

You might have heard about home phone services VoIP or "IP telephony" or even "Voice over IP" they all mean pretty much the same thing. Vonage offers regular home phone service, but instead of using the phone company's network to connect your calls, we use the Internet. That means that you get all the features you would expect from a phone service like call waiting, 911 service, Caller-ID and Voicemail.

But what makes home phone service from Vonage so exciting is the features you get that aren't like regular phones like Call Hunting and SimulRing® so that your calls find you wherever you are.

Why phone service over the Internet?

Most home phone service providers in Canada use their own networks for connecting your phone to the local, long distance and overseas phone networks. Vonage uses the Internet to connect your calls. Because the technology is so versatile and the data channels so broad, we can offer huge savings over your current phone service.

Have cable phone service?

Then you already know that it's possible to have your home phone connect your calls to your friends and family across the country, and even into the US, all for one monthly package. The difference with Vonage home phone service is the price.

How does Vonage work?

You use your regular phone to make normal phone-to-phone calls just like you do today. You simply plug your cordless or corded phone jack into the Vonage adapter. This connects to your existing high-speed Internet connection (DSL or cable) to change your voice into data that travels across the world to another phone network.

Unlike free VoIP services that sometimes experience poor quality or disconnections, your calls with Vonage get through and sound just like they do now without any loss of quality. The person you are calling doesn't need any special equipment and they won't even know you're using Vonage. Watch this quick video about how Vonage works and uses the power of your high speed internet.

Call abroad like calling next door

Our current calling plan Vonage World Canada gives you unlimited1 calls to over 60 countries worldwide. And because your home phone service is over the Internet, your calls are treated equal.

How Vonage works

It's simple, see how.

How Vonage Works

What you need to start

  • Regular home phone handset
  • Broadband connection
  • Vonage adapter