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Got questions about Vonage and looking for answers? Review our most common FAQs.

About Phone Numbers

Can I keep my original phone number?
Yes. It takes a minimum of 15 working days to transfer your original number to Vonage. (This is called 'porting'.) When you sign up, you'll choose from the available Vonage phone numbers. You can use this to start making and receiving calls straight away. When the transfer is complete, your original number will permanently replace the Vonage one.
What if I want a new phone number?
When you order Vonage, you will choose from the available phone numbers. We will email you your new phone number on confirmation of your purchase. You can start using the service as soon as your adapter arrives. Whether you keep or cancel your original phone service is entirely up to you, but bear in mind you need high speed internet in order for Vonage to work.

About How Vonage Works

What do I need to get started with Vonage?
You need a regular landline phone, a broadband connection and a Vonage Adapter for Vonage to work. To order you will also need a Canadian credit card and shipping address.
How do I set Vonage up? What plugs into what?
All you do is plug your phone into the Vonage Phone Adapter, then plug that into your high-speed Internet connection. Set-up complete.
What if I already have a router?
You can connect the Vonage adapter to your existing wireless router, providing you have a spare Ethernet port on your wireless router.

If I get Vonage, will it work throughout my home?

There are 4 easy ways to make Vonage work throughout your home:

  • 1. Adjust the existing telephone wiring in your home to distribute the Vonage services to all of your phone jacks (just a straight forward turn of a screwdriver). This option works best for users with high-speed cable internet.
  • 2. Use a cordless phone system that comes with a base unit and extra handsets. The base station plugs directly into the phone adapter and multiple handsets can be placed anywhere in the house.
  • 3. Get a multiple jack extension connector and connect it to the phone adapter to allow you to have multiple phones on a single Vonage line.
  • 4. Get wireless phone jacks. The base unit connects to the phone adapter and the wireless jacks plug into your household electrical outlets which you can use with your other phones.
Can I take my Vonage line with me? Is Vonage portable?
Yes! As long as there's broadband, you can use your Vonage phone service. Just take your Vonage adapter (and handset if necessary) with you, plug your phone and adapter into the modem / router at the other end. Calls to landlines in the countries listed in your package will still be inclusive and unlimited1.
Can I try Vonage before I commit?
Yes. You can try Vonage for 30 days in the knowledge that, if you cancel before the 30 days is up, we'll refund you according to our money-back-guarantee.
Does Vonage work with both Mac and PC?
Yes. There is no software to download and calls don't go through your computer, so Mac or PC will not impact your Vonage service.
Does it work the same way as my regular phone service?
Yes. Vonage works just like traditional phone service, with the addition of more features and better service at a much lower price. With Vonage, your phone calls are sent over the Internet, instead of over phone lines.

You use your phone the same way you always have, the sound quality is superb and your phone rings just like it always has. You can call anyone - not just other Vonage customers - and anyone can call you. Plus, in most cases, you can keep your phone number.

How is the sound quality with Vonage?
Vonage call quality is comparable to that of a traditional landline or cell phone service. People you call will have no idea you're making a call over your internet connection.
What happens if my power or Internet service goes out?
When you sign up for Vonage, you'll set up a Network Availability Number, which can be any landline or cell number - such as your work number or cell phone. Then during a power or Internet outage, all your calls will be forwarded to that number. After the power or Internet service is back up, your phone rings again as usual.

About needing a PC, Laptop or Computer

Do I need a computer to use Vonage?
No. All you need is a Vonage phone adapter, high-speed Internet connection and a touchtone phone.
Does my computer need to be on to make and receive calls?
No, your computer doesn't have to be on to use Vonage. Only your high-speed Internet and electricity need to be up and running for your phone to work.
Do the people I call need their computer switched on?
No. You can use Vonage to call any landline or mobile, anywhere in the world. It's not PC-to-PC. It's just the same as a traditional phone service, only better value.

About High Speed Internet & Broadband

Will I need to change my internet service provider?
No. Vonage works over any high internet or broadband connection, whether cable or DSL.
Do the people I call need to have internet?
No. You can use Vonage to call any landline or mobile, anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter if they haven't got broadband. It's just the same as a traditional phone service, only better value.
Does Vonage provide a high speed internet service?
Vonage doesn't provide Internet service.

About Contracts, Charges & Call Costs

I heard Vonage doesn't have contracts, is that true?
Vonage does not make our customers sign confusing long-term contracts that can result in expensive penalty fees. We offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee policy. If you cancel your service after the money-back guarantee period, but within 2 years of activating your service, a one-time $49.99 disconnection fee does apply. See our Terms of Service.
Keep your existing number

Most phone numbers can be transferred to Vonage. Can yours?

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