Internet Phone Service

With an Internet phone service from Vonage, you can make unlimited1 phone calls to local, long distance and overseas landlines and mobiles using your high-speed Internet and your regular corded or cordless home phone.

  • Works just like a regular phone service
  • Keep your existing number
  • More than 20 useful call features
  • No PC, laptop or special headset needed
Internet Phone Services
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What is Internet phone service?

Internet phone services like Vonage are referred to by different names (Voice over IP, VoIP, Internet telephony, IP phone, etc), but they all refer to the future of making phone calls. The technology used is called "Internet Protocol" (called "IP"). It turns your voice into data that travels over your existing broadband connection rather than the old telephone network.

But, even though Internet phones use the Internet as the network, the technology has nothing to do with your PC or laptop. In fact, your computer doesn't have to be switched on to use Internet phone services like Vonage. The people you call don't need to have their computer on or an Internet connection. All they need is a their regular phone. When someone calls you, your phone rings as usual.

Even in an emergency, Internet phones can call 911 just your phone today.

Do I need a special Internet phone?

You keep using your regular corded or cordless handset. You plug your phone jack into the Vonage Internet phone adapter. This is what allows your regular phone to use the Internet to connect your calls to other phones worldwide via the Internet. Your calls sound the same to the person you are calling and your phone rings just like it always does.

An Internet phone saves you money

The Internet doesn't rely on a particular telephone network, so using an Internet phone service saves you money. The Vonage Internet phone calling plans include calls to the US, Puerto Rico and the rest of Canada. With an Internet phone, all your calls are like local calls. That means no more long distance to worry about. And, with our new Vonage World Canada plan, you get unlimited1 calls to over 60 countries.

I have high-speed Internet; can I still get Vonage's Internet phone service?

Yes you can. When you switch to Vonage, you can keep your phone number as well as your high-speed DSL service from the phone company.

I have phone service from the cable company

If you have cable broadband, you can cancel your cable phone service, keep your cable TV and broadband connection, and use Vonage as your main phone line (you can keep your phone number). Or you could use Vonage as a second phone line in the house.

Internet phones in Canada

Internet telephones have been around in Canada since about 1995. But, it wasn't until the early 2000s, when high-speed Internet was more widely available, that Internet phone services became more popular. Vonage was one of the first Canadian Internet phone companies. We signed up our first customer (who is still with us) in early 2004 and we officially launched our Internet phone service in March 2004. We have been growing ever since.

How Vonage works

It's simple, see how.

How Vonage Works

What you need to start

  • Regular home phone handset
  • Broadband connection
  • Vonage adapter