Customer Testimonials

David – Sarnia, ON

We switched to Vonage over a year ago and opted for the virtual number in England too. The hookup was easy and incredibly fast (took less no time to have the account set up and working ...all on a Saturday night). I have also used the Vonage adapter when traveling too and it saves me big money in hotels! I am retired from 30 years in the cable industry and now manage an electronic telecommunications company.

Grant – Windsor, ON

We were Vonage customers in Toronto where our business has been based since 1994. We recently moved to Windsor to be closer to my parents as well as to expand our seminar training and consulting business into the U.S. We still have many clients in corporations, organizations and government in Toronto that we continue to service. As part of our move we added a Detroit Vonage number to make it easier for our US clients to contact us as well as a London, Ontario number where we have business relationships as well. Finally, we can add a Vonage Windsor number to the mix. Our outbound calls are to clients throughout the US and Canada so the flexibility of the flat rate plan works well for us. As we develop client centers in the US or elsewhere in Canada - we can offer then a local number by adding an additional number to our list.

Adam – Kingston, ON

I run a small distributed Media Production company called Image202 Entertainment. Vonage has made it possible for me to do the business that I am able to do. My partner lives in Houston, Texas and that's where all of our clients are as well. Vonage makes it possible for me to have a Toronto, Houston, and a Kingston number! For a simple and easy to manage low price.

Cheryl – Welland, ON

I switched to Vonage because I wanted a phone service that was reliable and give me the option to have long distance included with my package. The fact that I got Call waiting and voice mail was a bonus! I now have the Basic package which gives me 500 minutes of long distance a month and I don't pay over $25 per month. Where else can you get that, along with great customer service available 24/7?

Scott – Vancouver, British Columbia

"Our business is done almost entirely over the phone with almost all of the calls being long distance. Vonage has saved us thousands off our phone bill. I've recommended Vonage to several associates who are also very pleased with the service."

Vakul – Kingston – ON

Being a student at Queen's and having family and friends in Toronto, I needed something better for long distance that's why I switched to Vonage. I have been using Vonage for about 2 years now. I have two lines and I could never be more satisfied.

Silvio – Toronto – ON

I'm originally from Italy and came to Canada to live with my lovely girlfriend four years ago. I call home daily to speak to my family. My phone bills were getting real crazy so I wanted to break free of Bell. Vonage has given me everything I need and more. With the unlimited calling plan, I can call my mother and brother anytime I want for free and stay current with friends back in my hometown. Grazie Vonage!

Marko – Kelowna, BC

I switched to Vonage because I was moving from Vancouver to a place where I knew absolutely nobody. With Vonage, I was able to get a local Vancouver number that my friends and family back home could call without having to pay long distance. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Jeff – Fredericton, NB

There area two reasons I use Vonage. First, I do a lot of business with clients located in New York and the virtual telephone number service allows me to have a "local" presence. Second, I travel a lot, often to Europe where I need to be 'reachable'. Having the Vonage soft phone is important not only to stay in touch, but it is very cost effective for the caller and me!

How Vonage works

It's simple, see how.

How Vonage Works

What you need to start

  • Regular home phone handset
  • Broadband connection
  • Vonage adapter