Unlimited1 India Calling

Make unlimited1 calls to India with the Vonage World Canada call plan. For one low monthly price, you'll be able to get unlimited1 India calling to landlines and mobile phones.

  • Works just like your regular phone line
  • Uses your existing cordless or corded handset
  • Save money when calling India and internationally
  • Uses your high-speed Internet connection
Unlimited India Calling
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Unlimited1calling to India landlines & mobiles

Unlimited1 India calling is possible with our newest call plan Vonage World Canada. With this one package, you'll be able to make calls to India landlines and mobiles. The plan also gives you unlimited1 local and long distance calling to landlines in Canada, the US and to more than 60 other countries worldwide.

You keep your existing phone number, or you can choose a new one when you switch to Vonage. And you get over 20 useful call features like Caller ID and Voicemail, along with some features you wouldn't expect like Call Hunt.

Unlimited1international calls to India

India is considered one of Canada's most important trading partners and recent visits between representatives of the two countries attest to the ties between the students, business people and families here and abroad. In fact, when we polled our customers, unlimited1 calls to India came up time and again as a request for new pricing for international calls with Vonage. And we answered with unlimited1 India calling in our Vonage World Canada call plan. So now, you can keep in touch with family and friends with a quick call to India and you no longer have to worry about the long distance charges it's all in your monthly call plan.

Do I really get unlimited1free calls to India?

Yes. Although, we prefer to call it "unlimited1". Why? Because when you switch to Vonage World Canada, you get all your calls to India, local and long distance calls in Canada, plus long distance to the US and Puerto Rico included. So every call to India is just like making a local call across the city. And, it's not just India landlines. We include unlimited1 calls to India mobile numbers as well.

Know someone who might like unlimited1India calling?

Your friends and family in Canada might also be interested in unlimited1 India calling. You could ship a Vonage phone adapter to friends and family in Canada and help them eliminate all their long distance charges when they call India. Vonage makes a great gift. All they need is a high-speed Internet connection and a touchtone phone. You could even set them up with your local area code so that you both can benefit from the inclusive local and long distance in Canada too. Now your family and friends really can call India like it's across the street.

How Vonage works

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How Vonage Works

What you need to start

  • Regular home phone handset
  • Broadband connection
  • Vonage adapter