Toll-Free Numbers for Business

Today, people don’t always count their minutes or worry about the cost of a phone call. There are no phone booths anymore—or phone books, even. You don’t need a nickel to dial a number, and if we need to get a business phone number, most of us just Google it.
The times are changing, and smart business owners change with them. But does that mean that 1-800 numbers no longer matter?

Here are 4 reasons why you should still consider a toll-free number for business.

Reason 1: Credibility.

Even if people aren’t concerned about the cost of a call, they still worry about the quality of the business they work with, and want convenient communications. A 1-800 number immediately lends credibility—it shows that your small business is easy to reach, professional and established. Plus, even if your employees are spread out in lots of locations, there’s only one number customers need to know.

Reason 2: Functionality.

Back in the day (1967, in fact) the purpose of the first 1-800 number was to help out telephone operators, who had to manually get someone’s approval for every collect call. This was time consuming; thus the first toll-free number was born. Today, 1-800 numbers can be used for much more—you can track calls, use different numbers to measure marketing campaigns, and even create vanity toll-free numbers for people to easily remember (hello, 1-800-FLOWERS!).

Reason 3: Convenience.

It’s just one number to reach your business—and then you can easily add extensions for departments or desks, making it simple for your prospects and customers to reach the right place. And with a Virtual Receptionist, you can direct them to the right place without ever picking up the phone … just saying.

Reason 4: Portability.

Once your business owns a 1-800 number, it’s yours, period. Even if you switch providers or business phone systems, it’s still yours—so you’ll never be tied to any one service provider. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) ensures that businesses have the right to own their toll-free numbers, regardless of the service provider they choose.

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