Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Makes Waves with Virtual Collaboration

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) captures the beauty of living art by producing custom aquariums and acrylic exhibits. The company's expertise has allowed them to build some of the world’s largest aquariums and install hundreds of custom acrylic viewing panels all around the world. The Vonage Enterprise solution (VBE) gave them advanced mobility and video capabilities to help them boost productivity and better connect with clients.

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The Acrylic Tank Manufacturing team’s traditional phone system couldn’t keep up with the growing demands from their TV notoriety.


The Vonage unified communications solution provided advanced mobility and video capabilities, such as conferencing and Visual Voicemail.


Acrylic Tank Manufacturing boosted productivity and connected with clients better using Vonage's feature-rich phones.

Supporting the Rigorous Demands of the Entertainment Industry with Real-time Communications

Animal Planet’s most highly-viewed television show, “Tanked,” dazzles customers with aquariums custom constructed to fit the most exotic environments. When selecting a communications service provider, the owners wanted a company who could support the rigorous demands of the entertainment industry as well as keep pace with real-time communication needs. That’s where Vonage came to the rescue.

Work on the Go with Unified Calling Features

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) enhanced their day-to-day interactions with unified calling features, including Auto Attendant which routes calls automatically. Because of the fast-paced environment, ATM’s team needed to be able to work on the go, with seamless call transferring between desk phones, mobile phones, computers and tablets at the push of a button. Vonage made it easier than ever. And, with Visual Voicemail, they get all their messages transcribed and sent directly to their emails with an audio attachment, so they can read or listen to them on any device.


"Good telecommunications keeps it all together, and that’s where Vonage has transformed our business. They aren’t just a vendor, they’re part of the team."
Wayde King, CEO and founder, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

See Eye-to Eye with Clients, in Real-time

Vonage’s powerful HD video and web conferencing services allow Acrylic Tank Manufacturing’s customers to view their installations remotely, and vendors are able to “walk through” projects for which they are fabricating special parts — from anywhere in the world in real-time, with a broadband connection. Best of all, this service is scalable to meet Acrylic Tank Manufacturing’s changing needs, packing unlimited growth potential at a predictable cost.

Vonage Unified Communications to the Rescue

After making it big on Animal Planet, the company’s telecommunications needs escalated to a whole new level. As many as 500 people tour their Las Vegas manufacturing plant daily, and incoming call volume grew exponentially. “If you’ve watched Tanked, then you know we work under intense time constraints and require specific information at our fingertips,” said Wayde King, founder of ATM. “Good telecommunications keeps it all together, and that’s where Vonage has transformed our business. They aren’t just a vendor, they’re part of the team.”

With device-agnostic technology that could span the globe at the touch of a button Vonage’s unified communication solutions gave ATM the mobility and flexibility to keep up with demand while providing the support and service they needed to get the job done right.




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