Vonage® Extensions® App

Take your Vonage number anywhere you use your smartphone.

  • Get the same low rates on calls within Canada, to the U.S. and international calling from home on your smartphones.
  • Receive home calls on your smartphones. The service uses your contact list, so you know who is calling.
  • Included.


Get in touch with friends and family around the world faster and more easily with this cool feature that’s included FREE with your Vonage plan!

  • Choose the loved ones you want to add to boomerang through the Vonage Extensions app.
  • Enjoy automatic connections via your Vonage number when boomerang contacts call.
  • All phone charges are applied to your Vonage account.
  • Use boomerang on smartphones or landlines – just like you’re making a normal call.
  • Calls to your Vonage number will ring your home phone and your mobile devices with the app.
  • Answer calls from almost anywhere using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (standard data rates apply).

Selective Call Block

It's never been easier to block unwanted calls.

  • Block calls quickly and easily using the Vonage® Extensions® app.
  • Either way, incoming calls from blocked numbers will not ring your Vonage number or any phone linked to it.
  • Block and unblock numbers as frequently as you want.

Vonage Voicemail Plus

Listen to your messages or get them delivered to your e-mail.

  • Hear voicemails from any phone, or get audio files of messages sent to your e-mail inbox.
  • Stay on top of missed calls while traveling.
  • Included.

Enhanced Call Forwarding

Answer home phone calls no matter where you are.

  • Have calls forwarded through your Vonage Online Account or by phone.
  • Forward calls only when you want to; it’s easy to turn this feature on/off from your phone.
  • Callers won’t know the call is being forwarded.
  • Setup is easy.
  • Included.


Don't have a SmartPhone? Or need more than two SmartPhones to ring?

  • Simulring lets you forward calls to five additional phones whether they are desk phones, basic mobile phones or Smartphones that don’t have the Extensions app.
  • Callers won't know the call is forwarded.
  • Perfect for multiple offices or homes.
  • Setup is easy.
  • Included.

Add-on calling features

Powerful, easy to set up features that add value to every plan.

All Included Features


Add a third person to your phone conversation, anytime.


Stops callers who block their Caller ID from ringing your phone. Anyone who dials you with a blocked Caller ID will receive a message that you don’t answer calls from unknown numbers.


Maintain great call quality even with poor Internet connections.


Have up to five Vonage lines ring in sequence until your call finds you.


See who called and when, then return the call without having to dial the number.


Transfer calls to any number in the U.S., including Puerto Rico, and Canada while you’re on another call.


See who's calling when you’re on the other line.


Keep your phone number private when you make calls.


Have all your calls go straight to Vonage Voicemail Plus whenever you want.


Unlimited¹ Vonage-to-Vonage calls for free.


Block directory assistance and international calls.


Forward your calls to a number of your choice in case the power goes out.


Direct your incoming calls to the Vonage line(s) of your choice.


People can dial a Vonage Access Number and your phone number to connect with you for the price of a local call.


Manage your Vonage service from your smartphone or any computer.


Learn more about Vonage features

  • How do I set up Vonage features?
    • You can set up and manage your features through your Online Account.

      To learn more about features, you can browse the Features topic on our support site support.vonage.ca.
  • How do I use features with my mobile phone?
    • With Vonage you can use your home calling plan on two smartphones and get the same great calling rates on the go.* You can also use your smartphones to receive calls made to your Vonage phone number.

      Other features, like SimulRing and Call Forwarding, also allow you to receive calls on smartphones, cell phones and landlines.

      *Calls made outside of Wi-Fi networks will use your data plan and depending on your data plan, data-usage rates may apply.
  • How can I use my Vonage service when I travel?
    • With our Vonage Extensions app already included in your plan, it’s easy to take Vonage with you. Download our app to your smartphone, and you can call over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (standard data rates apply) taking advantage of your Vonage calling plan. You’ll be able to make and receive calls like you’re home. Another great option is to take your Vonage Box™ with you. If you’re going somewhere with high-speed internet, you can connect the box and use your Vonage plan, even when you’re overseas.
  • How do I know which features are free and which I pay to add?
    • We call our paid features "Add-On Features," and our free features, "Included Features." You’ll find them clearly labeled on this website. All Vonage calling plans come with 25 features, including Voicemail, Call Forwarding and Call Waiting. And of course, you get our new and improved app, which lets you make and receive calls as if you were at home.

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To Order Call 1-800-590-1415

¹Unlimited Calling is based on normal residential, non-commercial use. A combination of factors is used to determine abnormal use, including but not limited to: the number of unique numbers called, calls forwarded, minutes used and other factors. Subject to our Fair Use Policy and Terms of Service. Certain call-types may be excluded for which additional charges apply. See details of Calling Plans.

International calls made outside of inclusive countries are billed per minute. Rates exclude high speed internet service, activation fee, premium services, Vonage compatible equipment, taxes and shipping. If you subscribe to plans with monthly minutes allotments (for example, Residential Basic 500), all call minutes placed from both your home and registered Extensions® phones will count toward your monthly minutes allotment. Extensions® calls made from mobiles may use airtime or data and may incur surcharges, depending on your mobile plan. Billing and 30-day Money Back Guarantee commence immediately when your service is activated ("Service Activation Date"). If you cancel within the Money Back Guarantee period, you must promptly return the device or you will be charged the full amount of the Equipment Rebate. For customers whose account activation date was on or before October 19th, 2016: (i) if you cancel after the 30-day Money Back Guarantee period and within 1 year from your account activation date, you will be charged a Disconnection Fee of $29.99 for each line that you cancel; and (ii) in addition, if you cancel after the 30-day Money Back Guarantee period and within 1 year of your account activation date you will be charged the full amount of the Equipment Rebate. For customers whose account activation date was on or after October 20th, 2016: If you cancel after the 30-day Money Back Guarantee period and within 1 year from your account activation date, you will be charged a Disconnection Fee of $120.00 for each line that you cancel. Different terms and conditions apply to Quebec residents. Credit card & high-speed Internet required. The number transfer process takes a minimum of 15 business days from the time you confirm your transfer request. Satellite, TV, alarms, modems and other systems may not be compatible with Vonage service. Vonage 9-1-1 service has certain limitations versus traditional 9-1-1 service. See www.vonage.ca/911 for details. For full details, click here for Terms of Service.

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