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A Perfect Day in Education

Defining a perfect day is completely up to the students and teachers.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:
  • How virtual classrooms serve as powerful teaching tools with confirmed attendance, messaging, video, archived resources, and full interactivity
  • How to make the most of online tutoring with verification, learning goals, video, personalized content, and more
  • How to enhance the overall educational experience with student engagement, empowered teachers and individualized lesson plans, and improved learning outcomes
A good read for:
  • IT professionals in education
  • Teachers
  • School administrators
  • School superintendents
  • College and university administrators
  • Professors

Class Is in Session (Wherever You Are)

The typical educational journey no longer begins and ends in the classroom. Rather, it unfolds over time, across many scenarios, touchpoints, and communication channels—each interaction delivering the right information to the right person at precisely the right moment. The sum of these interactions comprises the modern education experience, enabled by programmable communications.

The Vonage ebook series—"A Perfect Day”—showcases the power of programmable communications across key industries. So get ready, because class is in session and it’s taking place wherever (and even whenever) you like.

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