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The Last Mile: Digital Transformation in Global Logistics

Customer Experience is More Than Delivery On-Demand: What You Need to Know

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:
  • The top three customer challenges that logistics and retail commerce companies can change to opportunities
  • The key to optimizing your delivery service to meet rising customer expectations
  • Specific use cases illustrating how communications APIs are empowering businesses like yours to be better
A good read for:
  • CTOs and CIOs
  • Chief digital officers
  • Customer experience leads
  • Enterprise decision-makers
  • Customer relationship managers
  • IT managers

Consumers are no longer willing to wait at home for days on end, with no real idea of when to receive their parcel deliveries. Anywhere and anytime fulfillment services are the new normal for the customer journey. With consumers in the power seat, they are setting the expectation as to how and when they will receive their purchases—including last minute delivery changes.

The idea of “free two-day shipping,” made commonplace by Amazon Prime, has changed the landscape of the logistics industry. Convenience, speed, and accessibility are few reasons why Amazon Prime is so successful across countries. The thought of ordering something and receiving it in a day or two and effortlessly returning it makes it appealing. But equally important is how they manage the last mile and how Amazon logistics vendors make this experience more seamless. Now, when you check out online, you expect options: free shipping, faster shipping, etc. And when you choose an option, you expect to receive your package accordingly.

Logistics companies must be able to deliver on a different set of expectations, including the ability to empower consumers with a parcel delivery service that allows them to determine the details, including how, when and where their deliveries will occur. Consumers today demand secure, 24/7 delivery options, including pickup or drop off locations and lockers, and greater flexibility through a range of delivery time options (instead of focusing solely on delivery speed). Behind each of these new expectations that empower consumers with greater delivery control, location options, and flexibility, there are key interactions or touch points that give logistics and retail commerce companies the opportunity to elevate the customer experience. 

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