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Passwordless authentication

Replace static passwords with single-use codes sent over SMS, voice or push: get convenience without sacrificing security.
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Great user experience

Let users conveniently gain instant and secure access to your app with just their phone.


Works reliably with any type of phone line anywhere in the world with a single API.

Clear value

Pay only when users successfully access your application.

How passwordless authentication works

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1. User starts app

The user taps a button to request a verification code when they are ready to login.
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2. Verify delivers a single-use login code

Verify delivers a one-time-use code to the user’s registered phone via SMS, voice or push notification.
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3. User enters the code

The user demonstrates that they hold the registered device by entering the received code in the app.
Pictogram of four stars and an check mark indicating successful verification.

4. Verified users gain access

The app confirms that the entered code is correct and allows the user to login.

Programmable elements used in this solution

Why choose Vonage APIs for passwordless authentication?

Lowest latency everywhere

Vonage APIs are uniquely equipped to make sure your verification codes reach the user in a matter of seconds. Vonage has more direct carrier relationships than any other provider, achieving the lowest number of hops.

Intelligent conversion optimisation

Our Adaptive Routing algorithm continuously monitors message delivery performance all around the world, to find the best routes for your message automatically. And we provide a seamless escalation, from re-tries to text-to-voice, until the user converts.

Local compliance at global scale

Our Compliance Engine keeps track of the many different regulations imposed by countries and carriers on SMS, then intelligently makes sure your messages won't be blocked or filtered for being in the wrong format.

Pay only for success

You pay only when your users successfully login. We'll keep trying (at no cost to you) via SMS and then failover to text-to-voice to make sure your users get access when they want it.

Heavy lifting done for you

Vonage Verify API provides the user authentication management backend so you don't have to build it. The Verify SDK also provides a customisable user experience framework so you can create the UI in your app easily from pre-built elements.

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