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Create richer customer experiences with Video API

Bring people together globally through interactive live video calls. The Vonage Video API (formerly TokBox OpenTok) makes it easy to build a custom video experience within any mobile, web, or desktop application, and is built on the WebRTC industry standard that is available on billions of devices.

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Video Conferencing Education

Web developers can now express themselves in video!

Rapidly build sophisticated live video apps with many participants, even without video expertise.

Web developers can now express themselves in video!

Rapidly build sophisticated live video apps with many participants, even without video expertise.

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Harness the power of Video API

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Personalised and contextual

Live video calls provide personal face-to-face interactions that consumers expect for consultations, sales processes and customer service. Video broadcasts bring in large global audiences and integration within your application context drives more efficient and meaningful conversations. Explore more features
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Global reach

The Vonage API platform provides global performance and scale for video, voice, SMS and social messaging communications channels. Using WebRTC standards, video sessions are easily accessible over the internet across web browsers, mobile devices and desktops, including simple web links with no downloads or plugins. Explore the platform
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Business analytics

Easily embedded APIs allow you to capture every moment of communication between you and your customers, helping enhance customer experiences. The Insights API provides access to detailed communications history that can be combined with your application data for deeper analytics. Explore Advanced Insights
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Accelerating your development with enterprise services, including hands-on help, designated support and SLAs. While also providing for rich developer documentation, sample code and SDKs for the key development languages and operating systems. Explore developer benefits

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See how businesses like yours are using Vonage Video API

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Cambly students instantly connect with a native speaker over live video

By using the Vonage Video API, Cambly connects English language students with native speakers where they can practice English together via live video chat.

Healthcare Telehealth app supports doctors, therapists and patients with Vonage Video API provides essential Telehealth services for patients and medical providers, powering millions of video minutes a day.

Shot of a medical practitioner using a digital tablet in a hospital ward
image that represents the Visual Engagement features in the Vonage Contact Center


Live access to financial advisors, wealth managers, loan specialists and insurance assessors. See how Unblu uses Video
Laptop showing online event platform

Online events

Power events with video streaming to large audiences, live breakout areas and one-on-one meetings. See how crowdcast uses Video
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Bringing people together using video within social or dating platforms. See how Storycorp uses Video
Image depicts the Visual Engagement, Video, and Screen Share features of the Vonage Contact Center

Customer service

Speed issue resolution times with “see what I see” customer interactions. See how Help Lightning uses Video
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A comparative analysis of video performance

The world’s most powerful WebRTC testing platform testRTC evaluated Vonage Video API against the leading video API vendors.

Find out why Vonage came out on top!

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Expertise to achieve success with Vonage Global Enterprise Services.

We are here to support every stage of your development, deployment and delivery with hands-on technical services and assigned support engineers and service managers through our Enterprise Plan.

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