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Maybe it's not a bigger team you need. Maybe it's a better contact centre: one built for small businesses.

When it comes to efficiency and productivity, most small businesses could use a lot more. More efficiency to make their sales-and-service budgets go further. More productivity to make their teams extra effective. Fortunately there's a way to get there both quickly and easily: Vonage Contact Center.
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Workforce Management
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Make your agents’ lives easier

With capabilities like click-to-dial, the ability to set status, check presence and connect with experts across the business.
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Free up your IT team

It’s easy to configure and optimize your contact center. No coding, no downloads or add-ons needed. Hassle-free setup and maintenance.
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Coaching made easy

With features like call whisper, supervisors can mentor and give feedback and tips just as if they were walking the floor. Optimize your remote and on-site workforce.
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A contact centre that grows with your business

Our cloud-based contact centre solution makes it easy to scale as your business grows.
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Limit your contact centre’s productivity only by your imagination, not your budget

Whether you're looking to make your agents' lives easier and improve their performance, give your customers more options without increasing your costs, or all of the above, Vonage Contact Center can help you do it.
  • Don't ask agents to switch back and forth between your phone system and CRM—let them click-to-dial or auto-dial within your CRM
  • Auto-log calls and recordings, put the latest customer-info screen pops right in the CRM, and increase agent productivity no matter where they are
  • Voice, digital, video, and more—all channels are included in Vonage Contact Center, so when call volume slows, agents can handle emails and SMS—and vice versa—to bolster productivity and efficiency
  • Rely on AI to increase agent productivity with self-service, dynamic routing, agent assistance during calls, post-call analysis, and more
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Why improve the agent experience when they already seem pretty motivated? To keep them.

Agents smiling. Customers buying. Business booming. No longer would your contact centre be solely a brick-and-mortar affair. This was a revelation. Your contact centre had evolved. But with Vonage Contact Center, it’s time to evolve it even further.
  • Drive compliance, agent training, and continuous improvement—and agent satisfaction!—by logging, transcribing, tagging, and recording conversations
  • Ensure your agents' success by listening in on calls and “whispering” advice while they’re in progress
  • Use self-configurable reports to gauge your agents' escalation-management and sales-closing skills, provide training, determine promotions, and more
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Be ready to tackle the real threat to a contact centre's success: growth

Tired of managing that old disconnected legacy contact centre solution? Too much IT budget spent maintaining it? And you just can't help feeling that it's not going to be able to scale up or down as your small business changes shape? Maybe it’s time to think about our cloud contact centre software. Remember:
  • We’ll only remind you about updates if you opt out of our automatic ones—otherwise maintenance is a piece of cake

  • Reduce your demand on IT. Vonage Contact Center is easy to configure and optimize with hassle-free setup and maintenance. 

  • As your business grows or slows, Vonage Contact Center scales with you. Need more licenses? Easy! Need less? Great!
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