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Subaccounts API

Organising your communications just got simpler. The Vonage Subaccounts API (formerly Nexmo) allows product teams to scale their usage while also keeping their traffic and quota organised. Manage account assets easily, generate activity reports and transfer quotas all programmatically.
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Learn how the Vonage Subaccounts API can help businesses like yours succeed.

Get to market faster

The Subaccounts API allows businesses to scale their communications use cases. Now product and developer teams can programmatically create new subaccounts directly from the platform.

Simplified billing

Organising your communication traffic by use case is paramount to simplifying the billing allocation process. The Subaccounts API allows developers to spin up new subaccounts for each new use case and business unit, allowing billing and traffic to be allocated efficiently at the end of every month.

Control & management

With the Subaccounts API, product and developer teams are in complete control of their communications projects. Add, edit and delete subaccounts based on your business needs, all programmatically within the Vonage API platform.

Subaccounts account management features

Secure authentication

Rotate your subaccounts' secrets without disrupting connectivity.

List secondary accounts

Perform a GET request to list all the subaccounts under a primary account.

Account creation

Create a secondary account under a primary account using a simple API call.

Account suspension

Suspand the activity for a subaccount.

Subaccounts credit management features

Secondary account balance

Subaccounts can share balances with a primary account or establish ther own balance.

Credit transfer

Transfer credit programmatically to any subaccount associated with the primary account.

Credit reporting

Perform a GET request to report on all the credit transfers associated with a primary account.


Monitor the credit of your subaccounts in real time.

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