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Automate sales and service engagements

Studies show that it takes as many as eight attempts on average to connect with prospects. Unfortunately, the average sales representative or service agent typically only tries twice before giving up. It’s time to boost efficiency with Vonage Cadence.

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The right Cadence

Vonage Cadence is a contact center automation tool that helps configure an outbound calling pattern, or Cadence, to increase successful connections with prospects or customers. Contacts that match the desired criteria are automatically retrieved from the CRM. They are then pushed to the assigned representative or agent, with dynamic call outcomes for each step of the Cadence saved in the CRM. Each call is evaluated to prompt the next step, which is either another action (continuation of the Cadence) or recording of the outcome (conclusion).

  • Efficiency: reduce administrative time so representatives and agents can focus on selling and service
  • Adherence: make sure representatives and agents follow outbound campaign rules and log all activity in the CRM
  • Performance: accelerate onboarding and increase connections, because agents  will be making the best use of their time
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Cadence for Sales

Vonage Cadence allows you to configure your entire outbound communications strategy — and to make sure that the process is automated for your contact center sales representatives. This reduces administrative time and removes the manual steps to follow outbound campaign rules.

  • Prioritise high-value prospects, increase lead qualification and generate more pipeline
  • Follow the calling pattern to accelerate onboarding, increase dial rates and maximise connections
  • Engage with more prospects to encourage up- and cross-sell opportunities
  • Discover key insights to secure repeatable success
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Cadence for Service

Leading analysts indicate that most companies now compete on customer experience alone. Because existing customers are your most valuable asset, you need an effective, automated  contact center strategy to drive up CSAT scores, organise appointments — or simply follow up as promised.

  • Use data to determine the best follow up
  • Improve CSAT, increase customer loyalty and encourage upsell
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Deliver on Service Level Agreements



Why you need a Cadence in your Contact Center
Dive into Vonage Cadence, a business process automation tool that helps you configure outbound calling patterns to increase successful connections.
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