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Click Travel Maintains First-class Travel Service with Vonage Contact Center

By partnering with Vonage to move its contact center to the cloud, Click Travel solved connectivity issues, improved service, and boosted employee engagement.

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Vonage Solutions and Features

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Click Travel's on-premises phone system started to fail, raising an urgent requirement to find a new and reliable provider.


Vonage Contact Center


Improved visibility of all agents, regardless of location; Reduced connectivity problems to virtually zero; Simplified and resolved remote-worker challenges

Click Travel is a U.K.-based travel management company that helps other businesses reduce the cost and complexity of travel management. Its proprietary Travel Cloud application allows customers to self-serve and book travel requests directly through the portal. Currently, 97 percent of its bookings are taken online. 

Behind the experience is a team of office and remote staff, all focused on security and first-class service 24/7. The great people, technology, and service are cornerstones of the Click Travel legacy. However, as the on-premises phone system started to fail, there was an urgent requirement to find a new and reliable provider. This meant a solution that could handle a geographically dispersed workforce, resolve connectivity issues, and provide deeper insight into the performance of its teams in a very short time frame. 

Click Travel looked to Vonage and the cloud to deliver.

Rapid Deployment on a Tight Schedule

“We work with a broad spectrum of clients that range from FTSE100 companies to local authorities, all of which have very important clients who demand first-class service. When our old phone system began to fail and we weren’t meeting expectations, we simply had to find a replacement capable of handling our demands as quickly as possible,” said Jill Palmer, managing director of Click Travel.

However, Click Travel was rapidly approaching the end of its contract with its previous supplier and needed to ensure that any new solution would be delivered before the deadline. And Vonage Contact Center, through its true cloud delivery, provided the solution that could meet these demanding requirements. 

“We set very ambitious timescales for implementation but NewVoiceMedia [now Vonage] pulled out all the stops and delivered it well within our timescales,” said Palmer.

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"There were literally people in the office in tears because they couldn’t provide customers with the excellent service they expect from us. Overnight, those problems went away thanks to NewVoiceMedia [now Vonage]."
Jill Palmer | Managing Director, Click Travel

Connectivity, Engagement, and Savings

“There were literally people in the office in tears because they couldn’t provide customers with the excellent service they expect from us. Overnight, those problems went away thanks to NewVoiceMedia [now Vonage],” said Palmer. 

Employees feel better empowered and engaged. In addition, the company has significantly reduced its internal IT support costs.

Management Insight and Improved Reporting

“NewVoiceMedia [now Vonage] was selected for a number of reasons that included matching our list of requirements for now and the future. Its plug and play integrations with our CRM provider was a huge plus. The next step is to utilise what we know about our customers to truly differentiate the service we provide,” said Palmer.

In fact, the Vonage Contact Center platform automatically records all activity and provides deep granular insight into performance to make management reporting and coaching simple.

Together as One

It was essential that any new solution seamlessly included remote workers. Now with Vonage and its cloud-based services, Click Travel employees can easily work remotely. This has further helped with engagement and retention.

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