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Innovation (and Burritos) Delivered: Kiwibot Pilots Its Robots with the Vonage Video API

The Kiwibot mobile app enables people to order food, packages, groceries and more, from their phone. A small, 4-wheeled robot is dispatched to the restaurant or store and their purchases are placed in the robot’s top loading receptacle. The robot then navigates local streets with the help of Vonage Video APIs to deliver the order to the person’s door. The person opens the hatch of the receptacle via their mobile phone and take their goods. It’s that simple.

Kiwibot robot on campus

KiwiBot uses the Vonage Video API to help navigate delivery robots

Vonage Solutions and Features

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Kiwibot needed an easy to use video solution to be the "eyes" of the delivery robot. Something that plugged directly into their existing platform; one in which they didn't need to write any complicated code to get to work


Vonage Video API


With the Vonage Video API and help from the Vonage support team, Kiwibot was able to quickly build a product within one week and prototype it within days
"Thanks to Vonage's incredible platform, we are able to stream video seamlessly from our robots, in real time. We tested over 30 different API platforms, and Vonage's platform turned out to be the best."
Sasha Iatsenia, Head of Product, Kiwibot
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