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Service KPIs: 18 Things to Consider

A KPI should improve the service you deliver. So are you using the right ones and looking for the right data?

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:
  • What KPIs you should measure
  • How to better use current data to drive improvements
  • 18 considerations to help shape your KPI measurements
A good read for:
  • CTOs and CIOs
  • Enterprise decision-makers
  • Contact center managers
  • Customer experience leads
  • Customer relationship managers
  • IT leads

Key performance indicators (KPIs) may have many different names—objectives, metrics, targets, or personal goals—and they can be either a framework to customer service success or a ball and chain to remove flexibility and creativity. If you define success as delivering exceptional customer service, then your KPIs should provide the insight needed to do this.

Customer service and sales environments have different targets—and some may simply be legacy objectives which have always been used to measure operational success.

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