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Conversation Analyzer is Vonage's speech analytics solution. Designed to work with Sales or Service Cloud, it transcribes and analyzes your phone calls to uncover hidden insights.

For service organizations:
  • Quality Management – Instead of pouring through hundreds or thousands of calls, Conversation Analyzer gives your QM team a shortcut for identifying and reviewing calls that may need remediation.
  • Compliance - Conversation Analyzer will help you to identify when agents aren’t adhering to your business policies, allowing you to take immediate corrective action.
  • Customer Experience - Conversation Analyzer helps you understand how well your agents communicate with customers, enabling you to uncover areas for improvement.
For sales organizations:
  • Clone Your Top Reps - Understand how your top performers hit their goals, then replicate that behavior by rolling-out best practices to the rest of your team.
  • Improve Coaching – Sales managers can’t listen to every call. Conversation Analyzer lets them quickly review calls and identify reps that may need some additional training.
  • Make Sure Your Reps Are Following Your Sales Process – Whether it’s asking a key question or mentioning a new promotion, Conversation Analyzer helps you ensure that your reps are following your sales process.
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