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Vonage Proactive Connect

Proactive Connect delivers everything you need to manage intelligent omnichannel communications and large-scale AI-driven campaigns from a single destination.

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What can you accomplish with Proactive Connect?

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Centralised campaign management

Take advantage of a single point of campaign management across the Vonage Communications Platform. Proactive Connect can incorporate your external CRM with internal services like Vonage Contact Center and AI Studio, allowing you to turn notifications into personalised, two-way conversations.
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Omnichannel campaign set-up

Deliver large-scale omnichannel campaigns across multiple channels from one solution. Send and receive bulk messages across voice, SMS, MMS and WhatsApp. Manage bulk synchronous or asynchronous inbound and outbound interactions across multiple communications APIs.
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Personalised communications

Design personalised communications to reach customers on their preferred channels. Leverage dynamic content fields for personalisation and use conditional logic to personalise messages.

Real-time interactions

Enable real-time interactions with customers across channels. Set up two-way communications with customers for inbound and outbound event handling and interaction, and route inbound responses to a variety of products and services.
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Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Deploy large-scale omnichannel campaigns to reach customers when and where they want to be contacted:

  • Reduce the number of customer enquiries with proactive alerts

  • Promote new products and services with bulk personalised marketing messages

  • Respond more quickly to customers with AI-enabled virtual assistants

  • Optimise campaign results by measuring and analysing campaign performance

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Automate cloud omnichannel campaigns

Manage and deliver messages at scale using a single communications solution:

  • Leverage AI virtual assistants

  • Send and receive two-way bulk messages

  • Set up 1:1 personalised marketing campaigns

  • Enable MMS, SMS, WhatsApp and voice campaigns

  • Incorporate chatbots, contact centre integrations and external services



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AI Studio

Keep the conversation going with Vonage AI Studio.

Vonage AI Studio’s low-code/no-code solution empowers developers and non-developers alike to create and deploy AI conversations that operate in natural language on any channel.




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